About Me


I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome to my home 🙂

I’m Kelly Bedore, a life & wellness coach who’s dedicated to personal development, health-style, and reaching goals!

I’m a lover of all things zen, fitness, and spirituality.

I have a BA in Kinesiology & Phys Ed, Degree in Sport & Event Marketing, and I’m currently a Certified Life Coach.

I once was a Certified Personal Trainer, a Flight Attendant, a Personal Assistant, a Marketing Coordinator, A Nutrition Counsellor, A Waitress…and the list goes on! { some people say I’m all over the place, but I say I’m experienced at life }

> >> I am obsessed with self care. Every chance I get, I’m journaling, meditating, taking bubble baths, enjoying a cup of coffee {or wine!}  and spending time alone to connect to my soul <<<

I truly believe that this is where the magic happens! We need to honour and love ourselves enough to take care of the person who matters most {YOU}.

I hope this website brings you inspiration, clarity and calmness.

xo Kelly {you can call me Kels}