30 day challenge


Are you sick of waiting for motivation to come to you?


Are you tired of falling short of your health and fitness goals?


Do you feel like you’re just not meant to be fit?


Do you feel overwhelmed in the gym, and don’t even know where to begin?


Let me guess, you’re always wondering how it seems so easy for everyone else. Why you can’t reach the goals you set out for yourself, and why what you’re doing in the gym just isn’t working.


You’ve been stuck in the same place for years now, and all you want is the SECRET to living with high vibes, feeling unstoppable, and radiating with confidence.


How many times have you said  “I’m starting Monday”?


If you’re ready to find your focus, drop the f*cking struggle, and kick start your fitness journey – then you’re in the right place girl!


I used to be in the exact same spot as you. I used to feel overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated when it came to my health + fitness…and not because of my lack of knowledge on the subject.


But because of my MINDSET.


Only after I began making changes to my thoughts, beliefs and amped up my self-love, was when I FINALLY began to see the results I had always wanted.


Now, having gone through the fire – I am here FULLY, to coach and teach YOU how to do the exact same.


I am here to tell you that it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE for you to reach your desired destination, and you are WORTHY of feeling vibrant, fulfilled and FIT.


…all you need is some support. That’s where I come in.


What you’ll get inside the 30 Day LoveFIT challenge:


How to identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking your potential and change them into new, empowering ones.


Learn how to BELIEVE IN + LOVE yourself on a whole new level


Discover how to detox gently with a 5 day whole food cleanse


Integrate following a fitness program into your busy lifestyle


Find your focus, uncover your inner strength and determination


Break through all the barriers you’ve ever had and finally see what you’re made of


Learn how to eat to fuel your body properly


WARNING: This Challenge is NOT for everyone!


This challenge is for women who are ready to look themselves in the mirror and say…


What’s Included:


30 day workout plan (Gym based OR Home based)

5 day whole food cleanse (to follow for the first 5 days)

Nutrition guidelines for the remainder of the challenge

Daily mindset tips + tools to get you unstuck, and focused

Daily coaching, motivation and accountability Via Facebook group

A community of like-minded bad-ass babes ready to slay goals together.


Years ago, I was sitting in Florida, poolside at a retirement complex (as we all do at one point in life lol) Why I was there is a story for another time…But I was in a SERIOUS self discovery mode. Questions like who am I? What is my calling? What Is my purpose in life? What am I capable of? What can I help people with? What are my goals? Where is my path taking me?


All plagued me like you wouldn’t believe. It’s all I thought about, day in – day out.


I stumbled upon Gabrielle Burnstein’s book “Spirit Junkie” (It was divine timing at it’s finest) and I dove DEEP into a spiritual journey, connecting to my soul + spirit like I’ve never done before. It was all foreign to me…but I felt pulled to keep learning.


During an inspired meditation moment LoveFIT came to me, and the words were engraved in my heart ever since. I got a graphic designer to create a logo for me, I journaled and planned my heart out trying to wrap my head around what this all was…But I couldn’t see a clear vision, I was overwhelmed with fear, and had a lot more to learn.


And so, it got dropped, forgotten about and I moved to Dubai, Regina, and then downtown Toronto living several different lives.


As I began my life coaching business, I re-introduced my love for fitness into my own life, just as a personal thing. I wanted to push my own limits, I craved challenge in my life, and I wanted more than anything, to see what I was made of.


During another meditation… LoveFIT came barreling back into my mind – and so (after years of personal development + self help) I knew without a doubt that this was a sign, and I knew I had to act on it.


So now, here I am! Creating programs, challenges and spreading my love for Mindset + Fitness until the cows come home.


This program is held online!


You will receive an email after payment (please allow up to 12 hours for delivery) that includes:



workout program (with detailed explanations of all movements)

5 day whole food cleanse

nutrition guide (for the remainder of the 30 days)

link to join the facebook group


 Inside the facebook group is where I will be posting daily MINDSET tools to help keep you on track! I will be in there daily answering questions, you can post progress photos, updates on how you’re doing, and I’ll be keeping everyone accountable!


The Challenge starts on June 1st! Please give yourself a few days to grocery shop and get yourself mentally prepared before the 1st!


Please use the hashtag #lovefitchallenge in any of your social media posts! So we can all stay connected and see how we’re all doing as we go!


What if I don’t have a gym membership? Can I still do the challenge?


     -YES! Please just email or DM me to let me know you want the FREE WEIGHT program. (you will require a bench of some sort, and free weights – this is also a great option for condo gyms)


Will I loose weight?


   -I believe YOU WILL, if YOU BELIEVE that you will. You need to follow the program, put in the hard work, and reach out to me anytime that you need extra TLC. I’m here for ya!


Why Should I join NOW?


  – The price for this challenge is EXTREMELY low. I’ve done this because I want to help as many people as I possibly can. Challenges to come, will not be available at this price point!


 -For people joining now, I may also include a discount for a LIVE LoveFIT workout + patio party called GYM & TONIC (more details on this to come)


What if I don’t see any results?


-You will. But also keep in mind that 30 days isn’t enough time to see MASSIVE RESULTS. You will see some, you will feel better, and you will begin to feel a MASSIVE SHIFT in how you live your life, how you workout, and how you eat. That is what matters most. TRUST ME.


Just click the link below – and enter the amount: $40.00


Sign Me Up!


Still have questions?


Email me: kellybedore@gmail.com

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