How to Align Your {spiritual} Energy with Breakfast {nutrition}. So you can Slay your day.

Good morning beautiful,


As I’m sitting here sipping my morning coffee I am thinking about spiritual energy + nutrition and their connection….

We can meditate, practice mindfulness, remove blocks, pray, and re-write our beliefs until the cows come home – but still feel out of alignment in our bodies.

I know personally for me, I can feel stuck even if I’m feeling on top of my spiritual game, but my nutrition + fitness side of things are lacking. Same goes for the other way around…

If I’m killing it in the gym, meal prepping + eating nutritious food that is fuelling my body, but my mindset + soul are out of whack – I do not feel aligned.

Is there a way to balance both worlds? to finally feel energetically aligned + nutritiously fuelled.

I think so, and it starts with breakfast!

Here’s How:

1. Pay attention to what your body is craving in the AM. Tune in + Listen. This might mean switching things up, trying new things, really tuning into what you FEEL like eating for breakfast rather than what you always have, or what’s the closest pit stop on your commute to work.

For me, it was playing with recipes for chia pudding + overnight oats this week. Something I’ve never had, but was craving. I’m usually a (vegan) protein smoothie kind of girl in the morning – so listening, playing and really effing enjoying these new meals was a great re-fresher. I feel aligned.

2. Add superfoods to your morning Joe. Like coconut oil, or mixing coffee into your smoothie. {with things like spirulina + maca + cocao + hemp}


Superfoods have an energy about them. They are pure, potent and a direct source of fuel given to us from the Universe. {that’s how I see them anyways lol} spicing up your coffee routine with superfoods will add extra nutritional value but also keep you connected to Mother Nature.

3. Use Essential Oils in the AM. The first thing I do in the morning is chug a few large glasses of water. {with a drop of lemon essential oil} or an oil called Zendocrine. Its a detoxification blend of tangerine peel + rosemary + geranium + juniper berry + cilantro. This truly makes me feel connected, aligned and nutritionally supported.


The second thing I do in the morning is- I turn on my diffuser with my favourite blend while I make my coffee + breakfast and sit down with my journal.

ahhh this is literally my favourite time of the day. With cedarwood + wild orange diffusing in the background, a hot cup of dark roast {with coconut oil in it} and a blank page in my journal, ready to get to work on energetically aligning my mind to my goals + desires.


I also use this time to do some meal planning for the day or week ahead. This puts attention on finding nutritional meals that I really FEEL like eating.

Now, I’m off to the Gym – but I would love to hear from you! let me know your answers to the questions below.


What areas of your life can you better align to your souls calling?

Do you have trouble balancing nutrition, fitness + spirituality?

Do you feel stuck in any areas of your life? how can you align yourself to your goals?

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xo boss babes






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