What is the difference between someone who is capable of creating change and someone who seems to struggle their way through life?


Why is it that some people above all odds can create massive success, while others succumb to the circumstances around them?


While most people tend to stay stagnant, or play it safe through life there are others who have harnessed the power of their decisions and have learned how to play the game of life, really fucking successfully.


This lights me up. This is what I’m here to learn, and teach.


I just listened to a Tony Robbins podcast who says “Decisions, not conditions determine our destiny” and this hit me hard. Our decisions are our Personal Power.


Either consciously, or subconsciously we are constantly making these 3 decisions over and over throughout the day. These decisions are what shape our reality, and allow us to feel either in control of our lives, or like a hot mess.


You decide what you focus on.

What we focus on, expands. Our pattern of focus is what either leads us down the path we want to be on, or leads us to where we don’t want to be. The majority of people tend to focus on what they don’t want to happen.


Thoughts like “I don’t want to end up alone” or “I don’t want to be living pay cheque to pay cheque” replay over and over in their minds. This negative pattern is what evolves into a magnet, and attracts the exact things you don’t want in your life.


We also tend to focus on things that we can not control, like the past, other peoples actions, or unforeseen circumstances. Constantly focusing on something we can’t change will only drive you insane. It lowers your energy and you can even reach a depressed state. However, if we CHOOSE to focus on both the present moment and the future – things that we can change, it will raise your energy and you’ll notice it feels good because it is in alignment with your highest self. Focusing on the past, just feels terrible – am I right?.


Focusing on the present and future feels full of POSSIBILITY, EXCITEMENT and GROWTH.


The next decision you’re always making, is choosing you’re awareness. Which is asking yourself “What is the meaning of this?”. Choosing to take notice and an inventory of what happens to you every day and asking yourself, what does this mean? Is this a challenge? Is it a gift? Is it curse? Whatever meaning you attach to these circumstances determines your feelings in that very moment. If you automatically say “this is a curse, I’m doomed, I’m just not meant to succeed at this” you’re going to fail, and you’re giving you’re power away to an outside circumstance.


If you decide to look at things as a gift, a lesson or a challenge, it immediately feels uplifting, on purpose and positive. You need to master controlling these feelings in every moment in order to re-claim your power and start living on purpose!


The last, and most important decision you make in every moment is, what you’re going to do about it. You choose what your actions are, based on your previous decisions you’ve made on your focus, and the feelings you’ve attached to the meaning of things.


Taking positive actions towards your goals every day that are connected to the feelings that you want to create and attract into your life, is INSPIRED ACTION. It is taking the reigns on your life and showing up for yourself in a powerful way.


Your actions are always a choice. You can choose to get up and go to the gym, even when you don’t feel like working out. You can choose to stay up late to work on a passion project, or you can stay up late partying. It’s your call.


Are you going to dedicate every Sunday to meal prepping, goal setting and creating a system for yourself to get to where you want to be? Or are you going to sit on the couch and watch mindless TV every Sunday instead.


Mastering these three steps is an art. They are extremely simple steps, but don’t get me wrong – they are not easy to implement on a consistant basis. Looking at this as a progression will help you along the way. The more you practice these 3 steps, the closer you’ll become at mastering your mindset and before you know it, you’ll be creating big changes and seeing MASSIVE success.


>>> Where are you loosing your personal power?

>>> What can you do today to shift you’re focus?

>>> What is 1 decision that you can make today, that will take you one step closer to where you want to be?




Cheers, babes!


Xo kel

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