Let’s talk about Skin Care, shall we?

Just after my 29th birthday (June 15th) I broke out in a huge rash all over my face, and continued to suffer from breakouts all over my chin, neck and forehead. It was upsetting, frustrating and embarrassing.


Who else is in their late 20’s and suffering from a crazy shift in skin problems?


For those of you who know me, know that I’m all about natural remedies and taking a holistic approach whenever some kind of ailment pops up.


So, I decided to spend countless hours researching, months of trial and error and I reached out to my Life Coach Kris Britton for extra support. Check out her blog http://www.iheartwellness.com (she knows all the ins and outs of natural skin care)


Together, we came up with a plan and I honestly couldn’t be any more happy with the results so far!


Internally, I’m working on a diet to balance hormones, get my gut health in check and supplement with purpose. (more to come on this in Skin Care Series Part 2)


Topically and spiritually, I turned to Essential Oils to help my skin.


Initially, my stress was through the roof so I was looking for oils just for aromatherapy purposes. Scents that helped soothe my mind and stress levels while I meditate, journal and to add to my bubble baths in my self-care routine. But the more I researched, the more I learned about all the physical healing properties essential oils have for topical use.


I used to DIY my own bar soap and moisturizers and things like that, so I’ve always been aware of essential oils, but I’ve never really studied the healing power and potency they can have on your body, especially when you’re using high quality essential oils!


I’ve been adding 2 drops frankincense, 1 drop lavender and 1 drop of tea tree oil to my moisturizer ever morning and night and my skin is THANKING me. Seriously, I’m seeing such great changes. It’s brighter, my weird forehead bumps are gone, and redness has lessened drastically.


Here’s the scoop on these magical oils…


Frankincense oil: brings peace and balance. It also clears your awareness as you deepen your spiritual understanding. This oil is rejuvenating, and harmonizing. It improves skin tone, and heals infected skin,


Lavender oil: this oil brings deep relaxation, and encourages compassion towards others. It is soothing and calming in nature and it calms redness and irritated skin.


Tea Tree oil: restores feelings of optimism, and renews energy levels. It heals acne, infected cuts, wounds and insect bites. It has powerful antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.


I’m also loving SkinFood Mud Mask from NewZealand. I use it 2-3 times/ week as an extra self-care ritual when I have a bubble bath….it is to diiiieeeeeeee fooorrrr. Nothing says self-love more than relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of wine, and a super nourishing face mask on.



It’s rich in natural minerals from the volcanic muds of New Zealand. It deep cleans, reduces the appearance of pores, softens and relaxes the skin.

All of their products are free of Parabens, Genetically Modified Ingredients, Sulphates, Artificial Colours, Nano Ingredients, Dioxins, Triclosan, Toxic Minerals, SLS, SLES, Harsh Detergents and Propylene Glycol.

Check them out here >>> http://www.skinfood.co.nz <<<

Message me, or comment below if you have any questions about natural skin care, essential oils or over all self-care. I’d love to support you where ever I can.


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