Do you find it difficult to stay on track with your nutrition? You know how you should be eating, but you constantly find yourself saying, “I’ll start Monday”.


I tottttaalllllyyy get you. To this day, I still struggle with balancing living life to the fullest, (which is my excuse every time I over indulge) and nourishing my body with beautiful, whole foods.


Today I want to talk about how you can incorporate self-care into your life so that you can deepen your commitment to your health and nutrition. Self Care is something that has helped me BIG TIME when it comes to more consistency and a balanced nutrition style.



When I say self care, you might be thinking of girly pampering like doing a face mask, getting your nails done, or taking a bubble bath. Which yes, are all things that I love to incorporate into a self care routine, but for me, self-care goes a lot deeper than that.


To my very core, I truly believe that there is something very powerful about honoring yourself. To be completely in tune with your self care is life changing, and I think, the key to happiness, health and success.


It is about learning to give yourself enough respect, love and care to make the time and effort into learning what your soul is calling for, learning how to heal from old wounds, and most importantly learning how to master your own mind in order to achieve your goals and dreams.


I’m going to be completely honest with you here; staying consistent with my nutrition has always been pretty hard for me. I still find myself going in phases of months of eating clean, meal prepping, craving vegetables, juicing and then crash into a few weeks of junk food binges.


However, incorporating self care into my life has helped me bounce back much faster than I ever used to, it has helped me understand the connection between self love and proper nutrition much better, and it has made my WHY so much more clear and thus infuses me with a sense of purpose everyday. >>>To be the healthiest version of myself<<<


What I’ve noticed in my own life, is during times where I check out, and binge eat on junk food, what’s really happening is I am dis-connected to my core values and beliefs. I easily blame it on not having enough time, feeling too tired to cook, or say – I worked out today, so I deserve this bag of candy. But that’s not the truth, there’s a dis-connect happening on a deeper level.


Self-care is the way I find space to re-connect, and re-align myself to my soul, and my truth so I can come back to proper, nutrient dense, healing foods. Some ways that I do this are; journaling and sitting in meditation. I ask myself (with love, and no judgment) why I’m dis-connected, what is the fear behind this? How do I want to feel vs. how am I feeling right now? This is how I get back into a space of honoring and loving myself enough to eat the way I know I should be.



Finding the consistency and balance in your health and nutrition plan comes from a deeper level of self-love than what sheer determination and will power can provide. It’s continual re-commitment, re-alignment and constant work on healing from an emotional and spiritual level. So be kind to yourself on this journey, my loves. It’s never going to be perfect, but it can be much easier, happier and healthier!


Finding your WHY is one big way that you can help yourself on your nutrition-self-care journey. It can be the basis around how you build your meals, and it can be your driving force to get to the gym every morning.

(for me: Hormone balancing foods are a big part of my WHY. Like my smoothie bowl above…recipe in blog post to follow)


Tips on how to find your NUTRITION – WHY?

Grab a journal and start answering these questions!


>> Are you currently suffering from any ailments? IBS? Bloating? Hormone imbalance? Over weight? Feeling sluggish? Problematic skin?


>>>How did you feel the last time you were on track, and completely rocking your health and nutrition plan? – Confident? Powerful? In control? Inspired? Vibrant?


>>>How do you feel when you check –out and get off track? –Disappointed? Overwhelmed? Angry? Sluggish? Lazy? Lacking clarity?


>>>What are you’re core beliefs around nutrition? – Do you believe living a healthy lifestyle is important? Do you believe nutrition is medicine? Do you believe feeling good, energetic, and vibrant is how you should feel? Do you feel like you deserve this?


>>>What do you feel is stopping you from reaching your nutrition goals? What belief is blocking you from reaching your true potential in this area? What are you afraid of happening if you are finally consistent, you loose that 10 pounds, or you are finally feeling the way you want to feel?


I find it super helpful to focus on the internal rewards versus the outward goals. Rather than focusing on wanting to loose 10 pounds, look thinner, or gain more muscle, I find that there is a lot more driving force behind how you want to FEEL.


Focus on wanting to FEEL more confident, more powerful, or being clearer on who you are, and what you stand for.


I hope this helps support you in any way that you may need it.



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