Do you ever feel like you need a little re-set, a mini detox or a deeper sense of self care?


Lately I’ve been diving deeper into my self care and finding some extra healing support in things like bone broth, essential oils and herbs like turmeric.


I can easily get caught up in a go-go-go mode where I just workout and get consumed with work. Before you know it, I’ve been living off protein bars, protein powder smoothies, coffee and wine. Clearly, not the recipe for success.


When I begin to feel this way (usually when I feel a cold starting to come on) I concoct my favorite super healthy, magic tea mixture. Not only does it actually infuse my body with lots of deep nutritional value, but it’s like a ritual that has me sitting quiet, remembering to honor my body and treat it properly.


I’ve been doing lots of research on gut health and hormone balance for an overall healthy glow, and a vibrantly healthy life. (prepare for lots of blog posts on these topics in the future!) But it’s inspired me to start sharing more about my passion for self care, alternative medicine and overall wellness.


My magic tea is perfect for :


>>helping to balance hormones

>>gently cleanse your body of toxic overload

>>increase your immune support

>>anti-inflammatory properties

>>anti-depressant properties

>>improve gut health

>>anti-oxidant support


Deep Healing



In a large mug, I combine all ingredients and then mix in boiling water. Stir, sip and feel fabulous!




Green tea bag

Juice of ¼ lemon

Sliver of fresh ginger

Half teaspoon of raw honey

Half teaspoon of turmeric powder

Half teaspoon of coconut oil

1 drop of basil essential oil (optional & only if therapeutic grade – ok for internal use)


Let me know what you think! And message me with any questions you have! I hope you enjoy my magic tea as much as I do!


xo Kel





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