There’s something about the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and the light of the early morning hours that says to me, “you are capable of great things today Kelly. Let’s do this together!” Haha anyone else? Or am I just crazy…

IMG_4443good morning

I was going to write an article on how important it is to have a strict morning routine to set you up for success…but in all honesty, you need to do what you friggin feel like doing!

I have read so many blog posts and articles online about the perfect morning routines that include stretching, green juicing, meditation, reading and sweat sessions all before 9am! But putting a morning routine into a cookie cutter idea, that barely anyone can achieve defeats the whole purpose of having a morning routine. We want to de-stress, connect, check-in, and nourish ourselves. Not beat ourselves up because our morning routine wasn’t perfect enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in having a “morning routine” but lets loosen the strings on that title a little bit, shall we? I’m re-writing the morning routine. Let’s call it The Morning Moments.

1) First and foremost, not every morning has to be the same. Some days I feel like turning my salt lamp on and meditating, other days I feel like journaling and some days I want to get my butt to the gym ASAP {and some days I have time to do all three}

The most important thing here is to take the time to check in and ask, what do I really feel like doing right now? What is my soul craving in this moment?




2) Secondly, make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to make a solid effort in taking this “Morning Moments” thing seriously. Waking up and doing what you feel like, doesn’t mean you should eat a box of donuts and lay in bed, completely checked out watching Netflix all day. It means you wake up with intention, the intention to check in with yourself in the morning hours.

3) Thirdly {not a word, but oh well} Implement! Let’s do this! One small step at a time, girl. Try things out. Trial and error. Try reading a book in the morning, try dropping to your knees in prayer, put on some meditation music and visualize what you want most, meditate, bust out a piece of paper and pen and free write! See what comes up. Sit in complete silence with a cup of coffee and tell yourself what you’re grateful for, blend up a nutrient dense smoothie. The options are endless for your Morning Moments, you just need to find something that really resonates with you. And once you find a few of those things, your mornings will be infused with so much positive energy that you’ll be busting at the seams!



The idea behind having morning moments to set you up for success, is to shift your energy. A lot of us wake up in a panic with a crazy long to –do list, and you don’t have a moment of rest until you lay your head back down on the pillow to sleep at night. If you need to wake up 15 minutes early to shift into a positive, loving, and calm energy field for the day, DO IT.


Thank me later!


Xo Kels

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  • Georgina

    You are so right! We keep reading things about what the perfect routine is, however, it may not be the “right” one for everyone! Your advice speaks the truth, and I think we need more of this on social media. Thank you for my morning motivation Kelly!!