I was just hit with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my past “failures”.  All the job interviews I messed up, all the wrong paths I went down, all the wrong decisions I made and all the times I worked my ass off, but was still labeled “below average”

Sounds odd to be grateful for this right?

But here’s whats up…

If I went through life getting everything I thought I wanted at the time, if I landed all those job interviews, if I worked my ass off and was actually the best at it, I wouldn’t of had that drive to dig deeper into my soul to figure out who I am. I’ve always wondered why I’m here, what I’m meant to do in this world and I can’t begin to find the words to express how grateful I am now, looking back on this.

It has taken me years of self discovery and internalization in order to feel this strong sense of gratitude on a daily basis, so here are some of my tips on how to get here:

1) Make A Gratitude List – write it a lllllllllll out! Everything from the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer time, to the roof over your head, to your education or your childhood memories! With each item you list, feel the love and just exactly how grateful you are for these things. {you’ll be surprised at how amazing your life begins to look} Any time you can start to feel yourself getting down, frustrated with where you’re at, or just plain old un-happy, a gratitude list is a great tool to instantly lift your spirits in the moment

2) Wake Up Being Grateful – this one is always a challenge for me. My first instinct when I open my eyes in the morning is to either a) pee,  brush my teeth and wash my face or b) go on my phone and check instagram and snap chat. Try challenging yourself to first say a mini prayer as soon as you open your eyes. ” I am grateful for ” … {anything you want}…the strong man laying next to me, for this beautiful day, my health, my supportive family, my money in the bank { no matter what the amount is}

3) Trust Your Journey – when you start having thoughts like “why don’t I have this yet?, why aren’t I at this level yet? when will I be here” take a minute to appreciate your past accomplishments, take a deep breath in >>> exhalllleeeeeee<<< and say “I trust my journey“. Make a list { mental or physical } of at least 3 things you’re proud of accomplishing and be grateful for those things! They brought you to where you are now.

xo Kels



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